Share Your Story!

We want to hear from all communities across the U.S., particularly those in our pilot target areas of Jackson, Mississippi, Birmingham, Alabama and New Orleans, Louisiana. Every story counts. If you have had a supportive or unsupportive experience in these areas or in others, please tell us. We are creating the first ever story bank of community experiences about breastfeeding. Stories can be shared by mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunties and grandparents too—if you’ve seen something related to breastfeeding in your community please tell us. Perhaps you knew a mother who couldn’t find a breastfeeding support group. Or witnessed a mom being asked to leave a public place while feeding her baby. Or maybe you read a news article in your local newspaper about such an incident. Or perhaps you’ve seen an innocent bystander help protect a nursing mothers’ right to breastfeed in a restaurant or park or you remember a supportive nurse who helped ease any anxiety. Whatever the story, it matters to us! Share your story to help make every community first food friendly.


Story Submission Disclaimer:

By clicking SUBMIT you give permission for Kimberly Seals Allers and the First Food Project to use your first name, city and state information and “first food story” as part of their ongoing research and or marketing efforts.