Breastfeeding Helps Obese Women Lose More Post Pregnancy

Losing weight can be challenging for most women, especially after giving birth. But, new research shows that obese mothers tend to lose more weight post-pregnancy when they breastfeed

In the new study, led by Andrea Sharma from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, found that obese women who breastfed for at least 4 months were more likely to lose the pregnancy weight than women who didn’t at all when they followed the American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) breastfeeding recommendations of six months of exclusive breastfeeding. The participants weighed 18 pounds less then obese mothers who did not nurse.

According to Medical Daily, the study involved data from 726 women, taken between 2007 and 2007. Researchers compared data from their last trimester until six years after giving birth. The AAP recommends that women exclusively breastfeed for six months and continue breastfeeding for up to 12 months while feeding other baby food.

Out of all the participants, only 29 percent breastfed for the four months, and eighteen percent didn’t at all. While 20 percent breastfed up to a year.

Researchers wrote “This study suggest that improving adherence to breastfeeding may help reduce long-term weight retention among obese mothers. “